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For further information on the Coleman Greig Challenge, or 2017 sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Andrew Grima
Coleman Greig Lawyers
P: (02) 9895 9271
E: agrima@colemangreig.com.au

Warrick McLean
Coleman Greig Lawyers
P: (02) 9895 9284
E: wmclean@colemangreig.com.au

Liz Giblett
Marketing Consultant
Coleman Greig Lawyers
P: 0438 244 886
E: lgiblett@colemangreig.com.au


Our Charity Partners

Candice Palin      
Communication and Development Manager
St. Gabriel's School
P: (02) 9634 2367
E: palin@erses.nsw.edu.au


Nadine Kaneen
Fundraising Executive, Community Partnerships
Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children
P: (02) 9872 0324
E: nadine.kaneen@ridbc.org.au


Susie Saba

Partnerships Manager

Westmead Medical Research Foundation

P: (02) 9845 8162

E: Susie.Saba@wmrf.org.au 

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